What to do when computer screen is frozen

  • Hold the Alt and click the Tab button on your keyboard. View the panels available by keeping one finger on Alt and then clicking and releasing the Tab you can move between the different panels that are open on your computer. Going through one or two rotations like this could un-stick you, but it only works for simple lock-ups.
  • In some cases, a panel will freeze because a pop-up message box is waiting for an OK click, but it is stuck behind the panel. The most often occurs in The Spinal and Sarcode, and Risks Profile training programs and other programs linked to it (Ex: pain, nerves, muscles, sports, etc.) To resolve this simply put your cursor towards the bottom of your computer screen to bring up the taskbar so you can click on Consciousness. Clicking on this will often bring the message box into the foreground, so you can click OK and continue.
  • Another option is to press the Alt and the F4 keys together simultaneously. Only hold them down briefly, as a long hold can close you right out of the whole program. Attempt this a few times to see if it works.
  • If you’re running a training program with the ED.X and NUCLEUS is Working box on your screen you can try this option as a last resort:

Click and drag on the top border of the ED.X and NUCLEUS is Working box to see if you have the option to Stop Therapy Loop. When you click on it, you will get a message Please Wait. Be patient – it may take several minutes, or it may not work at all. It is worth trying if all other options fall.