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We know that the our software, the PULSAR is not a simple program to use, in fact it is rather large and complicated. This is due to the numerous subprograms included in the program.

We want YOU to be confident in using your devices, so we built this site to make YOU get all the help you can get from us.

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A bit about us

What is the EDUCTOR1 Quantum Biofeedback all about?

It is a revolutionary computerized biofeedback system that is highly sensitive.

It is capable of calculating over 65.000.000 bits of bio-energetic data from the client to help detect stressors in the body within 3 minutes. There are over 3500 energetic modalities offered by the EDUCTOR1 Quantum Biofeedback System. This system gives you very fast insight into what is causing you distress.
That is why it is nicknamed the “Quick-See”, because of its ability to very quickly see what is affecting you within your body and your environment. It measures the bio-energetic balance and overall stress reactions of the body making it the best energetic biological analysis possible.
Excess stress is one of the pathways to disease and the EDUCTOR1 QUANTUM BIOFEEDBACK harmonizes and reduces the stressors that can create disease.

Mission Statement of Biofeedback 2014 SRL

Biofeedback SRL’s mission is to create Quantum Excellence and to achieve peak performance in all areas of peoples lives, for better health, wellness, strength, energy, clarity of mind, happiness, joy, and much more.

Through Quantum Biofeedback and its technology, Biofeedback SRL goal is to increase awareness and create Quantum Excellence worldwide at all levels providing the highest quality in technology and expertise for its products and services.
In the following chapters, the technology of Eductor1 Quantum Biofeedback is explained and where it can be applied and incorporated to achieve the mission.