Training Programs Prone To Lock Up

  • Disease Probability and Dictionary
  • Biofeedback Systemic Relaxation Training Programs
  • Auto Trivector
  • Auto Scalar
  • Spinal Muscular Re-Education, Sarcode Feedback
  • ED.X and NUCLEUS or AFE Training Programs
  • And Other ED.X and NUCLEUS Training Programs

Sometimes a WHITE SCREEN appears in place of the panel image you were previously working on. Do not click anything! The program is attempting to process the information and is overloaded. Just be patient and wait a few minutes. The panel image will return once the process that was engaged has been completed. If you are waiting and this is taking much longer than is necessary (a few minutes or the amount of time the program was set for).

This can often be avoided if you are careful not to click a second time, too hurriedly, on a process that is already running or one that is not immediately responding.

Please see What to do if the Screen is Frozen.