This process will reveal the body’s response to over 10,000 frequencies, showing potential weaknesses and strengths.

After the Calibration process mentioned above, we are ready to proceed with Testing.

Click  Test (from the Main Menu)

After clicking TEST, you enter the panel where you can prepare for Testing. In this panel, you will notice the VARHOPE panel in red, which are the first reactions that come up after Calibration. Please refer to the VARHOPE INTERPRETATION section for more information.

Click Prepare [top right and center of the screen (by the arrows)]

As soon as Prepare is pressed, a small electrical pulse is sent to the client to prepare them for testing. Once preparation is done, this button now gives you the prompt for TEST.

  • Note:

During the testing process, the client should remain relaxed, and still and refrain from speaking. It is also important to refrain from crossing arms, legs, or interlacing fingers during the entire session; this helps to keep the meridian flow open.

The word TEST now appears in red.

Click  TEST

WAIT for the test to complete, it takes approximately 3 minutes. There is a yellow box in the upper right corner of the VARHOPE panel that tells you the amount of time left for the testing process.

When Testing is over the screen is automatically transferred to the main matrix that shows all the results from the test, and the blue info grid (“Info Report”) and the VARHOPE panel are also automatically opened. You can close or reopen them at any time with the buttons above the Matrix called “Info Report” and “VARHOPE”.

You can place the “Info Report” with your mouse, anywhere you want on the screen. It is “draggable”. The VARHOPE Panel is not draggable,  it will stay at the top of the screen.