From the Main Matrix screen:

Click Program (top menu bar)

Click Timed Cybernetic Feedback Therapy, Music, Superlearning (drop-down list)

Click Quick Check Phase

Click Enhanced Learning

A grey panel appears.

Click appropriate selections

Set Time to 1 minute

(Time can be set for a maximum of 30 minutes).

Click Start Superlearning

Click Harmonic Therapy (optional)

Click Homeopathic Superimposition to add a specific learning frequency or suggestion/affirmation to be piggybacked along with the process.

Consider typing in the index number of some of the following Main Matrix items (making sure to DBL space between the numbers):

670: Memory (NV)

3325: LM 26 Memory

7011: 14 Essential Brain Nutrients

946: Remedy for Learning Disability

947: Remedy for Brain Circulation

Click Quick Check of Phase (with Harness, optional)

– Or –

Click Virtual Quick Check of Phase (without Harness using subspace, optional)

Click Harmonic Therapy (with Harness, optional)

– Or –

Click Virtual Harmonic Therapy (without Harness using subspace, optional)

Repeat this training protocol until all the bars on the graph are aligned to the left.

Click ED.X and NUCLEUS Superlearning (optional)

  • Note:

The Special ED.X and NUCLEUS or AFE Training Programs are found in different parts of the ED.X and NUCLEUS Software. They can be recognized by the word ED.X and NUCLEUS or AFE in the name.

These are only available when your ED.X and NUCLEUS device is connected to your computer.

They are different from other Training Protocols as they need to be activated from within the ED.X and NUCLEUS IS WORKING Box.

Click Enhanced Learning

Click ED.X and NUCLEUS Superlearning

Click and drag the ED.X and NUCLEUS IS WORKING box up, so you can see the full panel.

(To do this, you will need to click on the top border of the ED.X and NUCLEUS IS WORKING box, and, without releasing the click, drag it up so that the whole panel is fully visible).

Click Start Superlearning (in the lower right panel of the ED.X and NUCLEUS IS WORKING box)

To the bottom right you will notice 000. When it begins to rectify, these numbers will change. At first, you will see a rectification of 60 and it will then proceed to 100. This program is auto-focusing (self-selects the number of minutes needed) so you can expect it to take anywhere from a few to several minutes before rectifying.

Click End Superlearning (in the lower right panel of the ED.X and NUCLEUS IS WORKING box)

A pop-up box will appear for you to read.

Click OK.

Click Close.

Click OK on the pop-up box again.

Click Close.