Stimulate Emotional Growth Stress Reduction

From the Main Matrix screen:

Click Programs (top menu bar)

Click NLP Emotional Growth Stress Reduction (drop-down list)

(Rectify all chosen Training Protocols to 85 or above)

Click Stimulate Emotional Growth (stabilizes defense mechanisms)

Click Therapies (top menu bar)

Click Unconscious choice of therapy (bottom of drop-down list) – after half a minute or so, an item will appear in a blue bar at the bottom left of the screen (right below where Rectified: is).

Double Click the item posted in the blue bar.

Click Close.

– Or –

Consider adding the following options:

Click Dissipate Karma

Caution: This is a very powerful selection and it is possible to expect that life may rapidly produce situations presenting opportunities to change old patterns of thought and behavior that are no longer conducive to well-being. A possibility would be to follow up with Ascension Stimulation and Higher Purpose Alignment.

Click Ascension Stimulation – for accelerating spiritual growth

Click Higher Purpose Alignment – for self goals

Click Stimulate Insight – for self-awareness

Click Stimulate Creativity – for inner potential

Click Neural – Net Stabilization – for anxiety reduction

Click Neuro-Peptide Stimulation – for biochemical disorders

Click Neuro-Peptide Balance – for focus and “get-up-and-go”!

Click Stim Memory – for memory functions of storage, retrieval, and retention

Click Stim Intelligence – for verbal, emotional, and mathematical intelligence

Click Open Mind Therapy – for reducing false illusions

Click Disrupt the Hypothalamus Gall Bladder Connection – for obsessive-compulsive behaviors

Click Close (when complete with choices).