Starting the Program


  • Note: freeze ups may occur if clicks are too rapid, if you double click when only one click is needed, or if you click when and where no clicks are needed, with experience and practice you will avoid this from happening. If this happens wait and see if it clears, or you may have to restart. Please keep in mind that the software needs its time from program to program, do not rush.

DBL Click the PULSAR Icon on your desktop.

It displays as ED.X and NUCLEUS on your Task Bar.

This brings up the Welcome Screen.

At this point, you can also choose your language preference at the bottom center of the Welcome Screen with a drop-down button.

At 25% of loading, you will see the Electro Data check appear on the screen.

  • If this panel does not appear then it indicates that the ED.X or NUCLEUS device is still searching.
  • If it continues searching, please make sure that the ED.X or NUCLEUS device is on, and that the USB cable is connected, otherwise please check Appendix B Troubleshooting for help.

Click Close on the Electro Data check panel and the program will continue to load.

The Main Menu screen now appears:

Click Password

Type 0210 into the password box

Click OK

Click OK

Note:  from here on in the software, you will find various text buttons that you can read for educational purposes. On this panel, you will see (as in the above picture) Text on the License Agreement, Text on Mediocre minds, the user manual, and the troubleshooting manual.