Spiritual Resonance

This is a beautiful training protocol that may encourage one’s awareness of the innate healing vibration potential of the body. It will also create a foundation whereby the client can now tolerate a higher rate of frequency. Notice that the power (bottom left corner of the Universal Biofeedback Therapy panel) has now shifted to double after completing this training and will remain double for all the Auto training programs.

From the Main Matrix Screen:

Click Program (top menu bar)

Click Universal Biofeedback Therapy (drop-down list)

On the bottom left side of the Universal Biofeedback Therapy panel, in bright yellow:

Click Expand and it then changes to:

Click Energetic Link

The Spiritual Resonance Training panel appears.

Scroll the time up to one minute (or simply erase 0 and type the numeral 1) in the Set Time box and the Activate Spiritual Healing button appears.

Click Activate Spiritual Healing (Training)

The bar at the top of this panel shows the progression of the training as a percentage of completion.

Once the training has finished, the percentage now represents the rectification value.

If the program completes with anything less than 90% please repeat:

Click Activate Spiritual Healing (Training)