Special ED.X and NUCLEUS Programs Or AFE

Several panels in the program have additional ED.X and NUCLEUS Programs (any button that has ED.X and NUCLEUS or AFE in the name). These are found on:

  • NLP screen (Special ED.X and NUCLEUS Therapies)
  • Body and Face Scan, [ED.X and NUCLEUS Aura Cleanse, ED.X and NUCLEUS AFE Treatment (Training) or Psychic Disturbances]
  • Anti Aging (ED.X and NUCLEUS Interactive Anti-Aging pulse)
  • Check Current Rectifications (Super ED.X and NUCLEUS Electrical Rectification)
  • Dark Field Analysis (ED.X and NUCLEUS Pulse for Immune Stim), and Blood Cleanse (ED.X and NUCLEUS Pulse for Stem Cell Stimulation)

If you click on any of these ED.X and NUCLEUS training protocols, the ED.X and NUCLEUS are Working box comes up and does not go away. You are not frozen!

Using the AFE or Special ED.X and NUCLEUS Training Programs

  • Once you have selected one of these Training Programs, you must pull the ED.X and NUCLEUS is Working box up by clicking and dragging on the top border of this panel. When the whole box is visible on your screen you will see a white area on the right bottom inside of the ED.X and NUCLEUS is a Working box. (The Aura Cleanse is an exception, this one only has a button to “Stop Aura Cleanse”, do not use the Stop Therapy loop button)
  • Click the Start (name of the program) in the white area. The rectification will show to the right of these keys. This can take several minutes.
  • Click on the Stop/End button (for the name of the program) in the white area.
  • Click OK (on the pop-up message box)
  • Click Close on the ED.X and NUCLEUS is Working box to remove it from the screen.
  • Click OK (if you get another pop-up message)


If you get into a situation where you are caught in a loop and the pop-up keeps repeating after clicking close, the following is a little trick you can try:

  • Drag the pop-up message so that the OK is aligned with the Close button.
  • Now place the cursor on the OK use one hand to do the mouse click and the other to quickly click Enter on your keyboard immediately after. This may take several attempts.