Risks Profile – Virtual Doctor Test

By choosing any item from this list and then clicking the Virtual Doctor Test, you can see a set of additional reactive tri-vector signatures of items in relationship to the “risk” item tested. 

This panel will show you the Primary and Secondary Causes and Cure related to the stress/risk item you have chosen, as well as the Possible most stressed organ (most reactive sarcode tri-vector signature).

You will also have the option to begin training from this panel by clicking on the reactive items that are displayed.

The following Training Protocol can be repeated for any item in the Risks Profile.

Click on any high reactivity (red) item to initiate a training protocol. The item that will be tested will appear in the purple tray in the middle of the panel.

Click Virtual Doctor Test

A new screen will appear indicating the Primary and Secondary (energetic) causes and cures (remedies) related to the selected item from the Risk Profile panel, as well as the Possible most stressed organ.

Click on any line for a 3-second training protocol; repeat until Rectified is 85 or above.

– Or ­ –

Click Treat All on the Panel to begin a training protocol for each item on the screen.