PULSAR demographics part 1

This is a description video for the PULSAR software, about using the demographics part of the software. This is the first part of a 2 part video.


From the MAIN MENU, press on DEMOGRAPHICS. (This will access the demographics panel).

Start by clicking once on the option NEW PATIENT. (That enables us to enter new details for a new patient).

Important: The client can be a person, an animal an inanimate object, a group of people, land, etc, depending on your scope of practice.

At the NAME, introduce the name of the PATIENT. For the gender, you shall select according to what you were working on, male or female, or if it is an inanimate object, a group of people with both male and female, or depending on physical or personal identity, or expression, you may choose BOTH.

Fill the rest of the fields with specific information: Date of birth, Place of Birth, and Country. The remaining fields are optional.

From the menu bar (on the top of the window) select: BIRTH TIME AND PLACE, then EDIT BIRTH DATA. (IF you are unsure of birth time, you can calculate. It’s usually quite precise)

From the GEOGRAPHY tab, select EUROPE, and double-click on the country of birth (on the showing map). A window will pop up to tell you DATA RECEIVED, then press OK. This will send you back to the main demographics panel. From here, press SAVE CURRENT CLIENT. A window will pop up then press OK.

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