Harness Application and Usage

Have the client remove all jewelry not worn at night, loose change, keys, and cell phone.

Attach the tray, head harness, and limb straps to the device accordingly in the back of the device matching the colors of each cable.

Headband – Wrap the head harness around the client’s head, with the White cord to the Right side of the head and the eight electrodes on the forehead. If you wish, you may use a wet single-ply tissue between the forehead and the headband. It needs to be comfortable but not too tight.

Limb Straps – Attach limb straps around wrists and ankles, in a comfortably snug fit. The wires should be connected in the following manner:

Wrists            – RED on Right         – YELLOW on Left

Ankles           – BLUE on Right      – BLACK on Left

  • Do not apply over broken skin
  • Do not use on clients with pacemakers
  • Do not use on clients with extreme electrical allergy
  • Be cautious with clients who have had electric shock therapy
  • Wipe and clean the harness after each use (consider a microfiber cloth as it is naturally disinfecting without chemicals). You can also use diluted Everclear or diluted Vodka as they leave no chemical residue. Do not use Isopropyl Alcohol as it dries out the harness and leaves a chemical residue.
  • Surrogate testing can be done on infants with the harness connected to the mother and the child in the mother’s arms
  • If you suspect some difficulties with the client, do not connect the harness to the client, but have them place their hand on the tray or work in virtual.
  • For clients who :
    • Are Pregnant
    • Have a history of epilepsy
    • Who has pacemaker

Please do not do therapy on them until you have acquired enough experience and have become a Biofeedback Specialist, in order to have a complete understanding of the type of protocols that can be followed.

  • Note:

Attempting to open the box will interfere with the operation and void any warranty on your device.