Disease Probability And Dictionary

It is best to activate the Disease Probability and Dictionary training program before activating the Bodyviewer and Irid. Avoid using the Long Term Therapy choice if you want to be free to change to other training choices during your session.

Do not use the Minimize button at the top right of the panel. This goes for all panels including Iridology, Bodyviewer, Consciousness, Disease Dictionary, Irid, Bodyviewer, etc. (to toggle between all programs). Or you can press the Alt + Tab keys on your keyboard to easily rotate between programs.

When you have started the Disease Probability and Dictionary it is best to wait a few moments for it to begin the process before clicking on Consciousness (bottom task bar) to return to the ED.X and NUCLEUS Program. If you try to return to ED.X and NUCLEUS too soon, it can lock up. Just wait a few moments and try to click on Consciousness again. This should minimize the Disease Dictionary training program to the background while you continue to work in another panel.