The Demographics button is now available:

Click Demographics (from the Main Menu)

While learning to navigate, it is important to practice on Test Clients (fictitious) in order to navigate freely. This enables us to explore the program without the need to complete each Training Protocol properly and without concern for imbalances.

Click New Patient

Curser will go directly to the patient data so you can enter details.

  • Note:

For previous already entered patient

Click the name of the patient in the list (or you can search for a past client by pressing the button on the left to search for your client, whereby you can then click the name of the patient )

And the relative client shall be loaded

Click the small close button (shown above)

(please refer to Chapter 7 in this manual to load/modify previously existing clients)

Step 1: NAME

Type in the name of the Client.

  • If doing a Practice Session:

for Client Name, type the words Test Client 1.

(for later sessions, you may type in Test Client 2, etc.)

  • If doing a Client Session:

for Client Name, type the full name (first, last and middle name if desired)

Click Male or Female or Both

Step 2: Birth Information

Fill in the Birth information:

  • For a Practice Session (Test Client):
  • Date of Birth: you can put today’s date
  • Place of Birth: Type in any City, Province, or State
  • Country: Type in any country (wherever you are is fine)
  • There is no need to fill in the Address
  • For a Client Session: Enter your own (if working with yourself) or your client’s date of birth
  • Make sure to enter the date in the same format in which your computer is set:
  • Month/day/year 03/19/2008
  • Or-
  • Day/month/year 19/03/2008
  • Place of Birth: Type in the City, Province or State or other necessary identifiers
  • Country: Enter country of birth
  • Note:

In order to achieve the correct calibration of the individual, it is important to enter the client’s date of birth and place of birth with accuracy.

  • Select Birth Time and Place in the top menu bar, and select Edit Birth Data
  • If the time of birth is known, please enter it in the space provided where it says Enter Birth Time in Nautical Time
  • Otherwise, if it is unknown, Select If unsure of Birth Time, calculate, and enter the time which will appear in the designated box under the latitude marker in the space provided for entering Birth Time in Nautical Time
  • Select the drop-down button for  Geography, and select the continent in which the client was born
  • DBL Click on the area of the country in which the client was born
  • Click OK
  • The panel with the Demographics of the client details will appear. Click the small Close


The SOC questionnaire is done for educational and not medical purposes. It is used to raise client awareness and acquire an understanding of any areas of stress. When the SOC information is entered, the PULSAR program can now individuate to the specifics of the client. This ensures that the program will be more specific to the client as opposed to running generically. Certain answers may prompt other buttons to appear. Filling in the SOC will also provide an important opportunity to dialogue, educate and develop a rapport with the client.  Here we are building a relationship with the client.

In further training, you will learn more about the details of filling in SOC details.

For our purposes, fill in the SOC details as the client answers you accordingly.

  • Click the big Close button

If a pop-up box displays a Biorhythm Concern for Today

Click No

Note: See Chapter 7 to learn how to return to a client you have previously entered in your Data List or how to modify a client’s demographic information

Patient data is automatically saved when closing.