Closing a session with your client

This is optional but a good idea when closing and finalizing your session with your client. Before you shut down your software and your device, from your Main Panel, after rectifying your session, click on TEST to return to your main matrix panel.

From your main matrix panel, go to the drop-down menu “Retest” and choose the options Test VARHOPE Improvement.

This process takes 1.5 minutes and basically recalibrates your client to get a rectification value on your initial VARHOPE numbers.

As soon as the retesting process is done, a number appears in the midsection of the VARHOPE panel ‘Today’s Improvement Percent’.

In the above example, the 32% improvement value means that the client is 32% better than when he/she came to this specific point of the retesting.  Please remember that the session and therapies are still working on the client for the next 72 hours, meaning improvement will still continue. From my experience, people usually tend to get low improvement values, if the therapy you have done on them was too much, and they need time for their body to adjust, or if they are tired. Rest assured that within the next 72 hours this value shall improve and they will feel the results of the therapy.

Another panel that you may enter to finalize your session is the LifeCare Report.  You may find this under your drop-down menu Reporting, scroll down, and you shall see it at the bottom of ED.X and NUCLEUS Report.

Click on the third selection on the top right of this panel, Make LifeCare Medicine Report.

By doing this it will load information in the white lines of this panel. 

NOTE: doing this process at the end after “Testing Improvement”, gives you information on what is still needed for the client to do, so you can discuss with your client what may be needed in addition to programming your next visit.  If you do this process at the beginning of your session, it will give you an idea of what the client needs in the present session.

By pressing the “Unconscious selection of next visit”, the device estimates when the client should repeat their therapy for optimum results.  Our example above, which gives us 1 week for the next visit, gives us information that the therapy done on them shall take approximately one week to absorb, and for optimum results should be repeated within 1 week again.

Other statistics on this panel is

Compare to Previous Results, which is the last option on the list. This option compares VARHOPE values from the last visit.

Continue to close the software as previously explained in this chapter.

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