Disease Probability and Dictionary

Disease Probability and Dictionary Training Program

Hint: It is always best to open up Bodyviewer and Iridology panels first and thereafter open the Disease Dictionary program to prevent the programs from freezing.

To open the Disease Dictionary from the Main Matrix screen:

Click Subspace Programs (top menu bar)

Click Disease Dictionary (library)

– Or –

During any treatment, on the “LifeCare is Working” panel:

Click Disease Dictionary (on the upper right)

Click Disease Dictionary (drop-down list)

There are two ways to choose the items from the Disease Dictionary:

  • Search for the item of your choice in the alphabetic list on the left (for example “Stress” and click on it in order to select it.
  • Click on the Unconscious Choice button and the program will choose the item according to the patient’s needs. The unconscious choice item will appear at the bottom of the list and will also be highlighted in the list.

Now you can select the type of therapy you wish to do in the yellow box on the right-hand side of the panel.

It is automatically set on Chinese Oriental Acupuncture, but it is recommended to choose ElectroAcupuncture+BioResonance.

Click OK – Reveal Text

Click Quick Calibrate Client’s Reactivity

This will do a quick calibration on the item of choice.

Click Quick Test Client BioResonance

This will do a quick test on the item of choice to show the necessary time and frequencies.

Click Add to Therapy

Here you can load additional information to add to your therapy. Load and close.

Click Auto Treat

Click the Consciousness icon on the bottom task bar to let the Disease Dictionary training protocol run in the background.