Changes made with Update no.43 & 44

Changes made on the PULSAR with Update no.43 & 44

From the latest update made this last week, Update no. 43&44, some basic changes have been made.

As soon as you click the close button on this panel where the device is found, you shall enter the password panel directly, without having to choose the password option on the main panel.

 As soon as you put in your password and close, the Demographics panel opens directly.

This new process enables us to enter the program quicker with fewer clicks.

After choosing your previous client or entering a new client (as you already know from our previous sections), and pressing the large close button on the right, you will be taken to the Main Panel to proceed as normal.

Let us proceed into “calibration” and thereafter “testing” so that we go through the changes together.

After calibration and before testing, you shall notice on the top line a difference in the drop-down menus. We will go over them one by one, but at this point, we would like to point out that you are now able to run certain programs before testing. Anything which is not greyed out, you can run.

Common programs that you may wish to run before testing are the items under the option Additional as also the items under the option Subspace Programs.

For now, let us proceed to test and we shall go through each change thereafter.

After Testing, you shall notice now a new order of the drop-down menus.

Firstly, in red, you shall see the drop-down menu NEW.

These are the new programs that have been added so that you can find them and refer to them faster with one glance.  Of course, this is their temporary place just in order to inform you of a new program added.

If you select one of the programs in this NEW drop-down menu, let’s say the first one for example you will notice a message in red coming up below.

This informs us of where we will be able to locate it within the program. For instance, in this example, the 3rd Eye Stimulation Frequency, tells us that we will be able to find it under the dropdown menu Subspace programs.

By clicking OK, we proceed in running this program.

The same process is for each of the items under the NEW drop-down button.

Remember:  the NEW drop-down menu is only a temporary list of new applications added to our software. So please take note of the messages which appear, as, at some point later on in updates, you will find these items only in the specified areas.

Please refer to our following videos for each New feature or relative chapter in your basic navigation manual provided.

The items under the drop-down menus, Programs, Additional, Subspace Programs, and Reports have been placed specifically and relatively so that you can find each program with ease. 

The items under Programs, are the main programs with which you work with a client. The items under Additional, are mainly the automated programs.

The items under Subspace Programs are all those items that work in subspace.

The items under Reports are all those features used for reporting and adding info to reports.

The next drop-down menu which has changed is Library.

Here you can find library information, literature, things to read or information you may want to refer to, etc.

The drop-down menu Audio Player opens up a panel in which you can select music to play during your session. This panel can be minimized and can be referred to anytime during your session by toggling on the PULSAR icon at the bottom of your screen.

Enjoy your new update.  This year so many new add-ons will appear.