Now that we have our client set up in demographics, we are here in the main panel where the calibration option is now bold.

The Calibration process is our first hand-shake or connection with the device. This is the process whereby VARHOPE numbers are calculated.

Click Calibration (from the Main Menu)

On this panel, you also have the option to choose VIRTUAL ALL.  This disables the harness from the patient, especially in the case you work on a person with a pacemaker.

In the option Computer Risk Field Neutralization, you can check your room for geopathic stress, and clear it if you wish.  This is a good idea especially when you start or finish your day at your office, or even between clients

Other options when  you can click Computer Risk Field Neutralization

  • Neutralize and diminish computer stress
  • Check and clear area/room for Geopathic Stress – it is suggested to start your day or end your day with this, or at least to do it every week, or when working in a new area
  • The Schuman Field and Subspace protection field can be activated and deactivated here

Click close on the Computer Risk Field Neutralization

Now you may either proceed with the Calibration Program directly, or you may Load the Client’s Picture first if you did not do it in Demographics.

We also have the option of loading in a picture (Load Patient Picture)

The PULSAR software loads the picture of the client much easier than previous devices, and there is no need to alter the picture in any way. All you need is a saved .jpeg photo.

Click on Load Patient Picture

This will automatically load the patient’s picture in the background of the calibration interface

Click (Calibration Program)

Calibration begins

If a message comes up you just read it and convey it to your client and

Click OK

Click Yes (Do you want to close the calibration?)

And you are returned to the Main Panel where you can continue.