Bones, Nerves, Circulation, Lymph, Digestion

These training programs can all be operated in the same way as the Muscles above.

From the Main Matrix screen:

Click Program (top menu bar)

Click Spinal Muscular Re-Education, Sarcode Feedback

Click Bones, Nerves, Circulation, Lymph, Digestion, Eye, or Sinus

Click  on an item to highlight the line

Click in the little box next to each additional item that would be appropriate to add as a piggyback signal—[These are found in the section Add an additional therapy superimposed on Treatment (Training)].

Click  Start Treatment (Training)

– Or –

Choose a special focus by clicking the desired area’s radio button (Lower Right, Upper Right, Upper Torso, Heart, Low Torso, Lower Left, Or Head and Neck). Only one choice can be selected at a time.

The timer can be left on the default of 0 or set for 1 minute.

Click Start Treatment (Training)

Click OK in the Treatment (Training) Over the box

Repeat up to three times, attempting to rectify to 85 or better

Click Close