Blue info grid

Once the TEST is complete, the main matrix appears with a blue info grid box showing Environmental, Physical, Mental, Social, and Spiritual reactions. 

The highest numbers indicate the general area of reactivity for that day.

The blue info grid, lists all the details from the VARHOPE panel, as a reminder.  It also lists reactions to stress in categories of Environmental, physical, mental, social, and spiritual. 

The highest numbers indicate the general area of reactivity for today.

You can also retrieve this panel by simply clicking on the “Info Report” button above the Matrix, or:

Click Reporting (from the main matrix drop-down menu)

Click Show INFO

The blue info box can also be utilized as a “system tray function” for multiple Zapping, or a “Piggyback field” for entraining multiple items together.

Click Reporting (from the top bar in the Main Matrix) drop-down menu. 

Click Empty INFO to start a new one.

A prompt will come up:

“Are You Sure? Empty INFO Table?”

Click OK


The INFO box shall empty.

You can now drag and drop anything you wish in the INFO box in order to make a cocktail therapy. If you are working as a system tray function for multiple Zapping, it is a good idea to add up to a maximum of eight items in the blue INFO box.  

You can repeat this process as many times as you wish. 

On the other hand, when working with the blue INFO box as a  “Piggyback field” for entering multiple items together, you can add as many items as you wish.


From the Reporting drop-down menu, you have the option to also load the top 200 remedies from the matrix to the INFO box, or the bottom 100 items.

Once you click on the “load report” button, you will notice on the purple tray “Report items loaded” and now the button shows “unload items”

This means that the items in the blue INFO box are now loaded for

  • Treating,
  • Zapping,
  • Testing (individual reaction of the group of items),
  • Test item of hold tray above (that is the report items loaded in the blue info box) or piggyback training.

You may click from the Auto Focus Zap drop-down menu, Auto Focus Zap 3 min, or Auto Focus Zap 9 min.  This will switch the Treat button on the side to either ZAP 3 min or ZAP 9 min.

By having the report loaded, you may either Treat (which is a few seconds), ZAP 3 Min, or ZAP 9 min., or just the fact that the items are loaded, they work as piggyback training during your entire session.

Additionally, you may choose to do an Individual Reaction on these loaded items, it will give you an average profile of the group of items tested together in the INFO box, Click Test Report.

Here you can interpret Results, you have the option to do a 30-sec zap, or you can do a 3-minute zap. We have added a “Custom time” for zapping where you can set the length of the gap between 1 and 15 minutes, on the slider that appears on the right side of your screen:

As mentioned in the purple tray, the button Test Items in Hold Tray above is also activated so as to test against filters.  This will give you more background information concerning the items you are testing.