Birth Information

  • Step 2: Birth Information

Fill in the Birth information:

  • For a Practice Session (Test Client):
  • Date of Birth: you can put today’s date
  • Place of Birth: Type in any City, Province, or State
  • Country: Type in any country (wherever you are is fine)
  • There is no need to fill in the Address
  • For a Client Session: Enter your own (if working with yourself) or your client’s date of birth
  • Place of Birth: Type in the City, Province or State or other necessary identifiers
  • Country: Enter country of birth
  • Note: In order to achieve the correct calibration of the individual, it is important to enter the client’s date of birth and place of birth with accuracy.
  • Select Birth Time and Place in the top menu bar, and select Edit Birth Data
  • If the time of birth is known, please enter it in the space provided where it says Enter Birth Time in Nautical Time
  • Otherwise, if it is unknown, Select If unsure of Birth Time, calculate, and enter the time which will appear in the designated box under the latitude marker in the space provided for entering Birth Time in Nautical Time
  • Select the drop-down button for Geography, and select the continent in which the client was born
  • DBL Click on the area of the country in which the client was born
  • Click OK
  • The panel with the Demographics of the client details will appear. Click the small Close