Auto Trivector

From the Main Matrix screen:

Click Program (top menu bar)

Click Universal Biofeedback Therapy (drop-down list)

Click Auto Trivector

Click Use Electro Chelation Boost (this is optional)

Click Start

Click OK on the message in the pop-up box. If complete, a box will appear Trivector Complete for Today

If the process is not complete a message stating so will appear. In order to initiate further Training, do the following:

Click OK on the message

Click Prepare for Special Treatment (Training). Wait for the Start key to become bold again.

Click Start

When the process is complete:

Click Close

  • Note: It is possible a message may come up:

“Warning, There is a POSSIBLE Personality Oppression Spirit Superimposition Energetically Detected”.

There will be three options:

  • Continue
  • Correct Personality Aberration
  • Quit and exit Therapy

Click the Continue option in the message box (more in-depth information will be given on this in class)