Auto Frequency Therapy / Auto VARHOPE

Step 1

From the Main Matrix screen:

Click Program

Click Universal Biofeedback Therapy

Click Auto Freq Therapy

Click Start

This may end up automatically switching to the Auto VARHOPE screen.

If so, continue with Step 2. If not, continue with Step 3.

Step 2

Click all of the items in the lower part of the panel that is relevant to the client.

This will put check marks in the yellow boxes.

(Some will have been selected automatically).

Click Emotion Stress > Electrical Imbalance (until Repaired for Today appears)

Click Auto Aggressive Immune Dysfunction (until Repaired for Today appears)

Click Cellular Vitality Disorder (until Repaired for Today appears)

Click Phase Aberration Present (until Repaired for Today appears)

Click Start Injury Repair (until the message reports Injury Repair Complete for Today)

Click Close

This will bring you back to the Auto Frequency Panel to complete the initial Training Protocol.

  • Note: Additional information may be typed in the tray next to Describe Injury Fully.
  • Note: There is a possibility of up to four buttons that may appear in the mid-right section of the panel. Not all four buttons show up for every client, as the program chooses only what is appropriate. At times, only 2 or 3 of these will be available.

Step 3

Click  Retest Treat (Train) All

Wait until the retest is complete.

Items will show up as either corrected or not corrected.

Click on any individual still not corrected. This gives another opportunity to attempt correction.

Click Close

Click Auto VARHOPE (and follow Step 2)