Auto Focus Zap

From the Main Matrix screen:

Click  Auto Focus Zap (top menu bar)

Click  on any function from the list

This will begin a Training Protocol for items having the top reactivity values for each particular category. Most of these functions last about 5 minutes, with the exception of Zap top Pathogens, which will engage a 12-minute training protocol.

  • Note:

Remember to click Return to Main (first item under the Subfiles) before initiating any Auto Focus Zap Training: to return to the original full Main Matrix results.

  • Tip:

After you have entered the Risk Profile (Chapter 3) and closed with the bottom close button Zap Close, and thereafter go to this drop-down menu, you will see an “x” mark in the most needed autofocus bio resonance zap training. These “X” marks give you a hint in general of also what is most needed for the client.