Tricks To Prevent And Deal With Freeze-Up

Be patient and give yourself (and the computer) TIME. The TIMING of your clicking is important.

  • Completely shutting down both the ED.X and NUCLEUS programs and the computer between clients for at least two minutes clears the RAM.
  • Consider running your computer maintenance functions.
  • Use each screen’s Close button as opposed to the red X at the top right of the window.
  • When you are running the ED.X and NUCLEUS programs. Avoid stacking panels as much as possible. It is better to return to the Main Menu or Main Matrix screen before venturing off in a new direction. Bill Nelson has provided various links from panel to panel within the program, but using these links can add unnecessary complexity to the issue and will sometimes increase lockups. (Example: If you are in the Risk Profile training program and link to Spinal, yes you can check for vertebrae relationships and train them, but it may not be advisable to start going into other spinal training programs, or linking from there, to additional training program panels.)