Problems With Graphics or Multimedia

If the Bodyviewer is open and activated properly, video graphics will display in the middle of the Bodyviewer panel. Not all items have a video graphic, so in some cases, you may get an Unspecified Error message. In this situation, click Stop Animation in the top menu bar to remove the error message. To hack to see if the graphics are playing properly you can select any picture choice to the left of the panel, once you click on it, the video graphic should start to play.

Make sure DivX is installed on your computer

  • Download the DIVX codec by clicking HERE
  • Install the downloaded codec and you are good to go.

If the codec pack is set properly there should be no problems with any graphic or multi-media options. That means in Manfly.avi, Bodyviewer, Iridology, Body Scan and Face Therapy, or other ED.X and NUCLEUS Training Programs.

This codec is already included in your windows 10 installation, so there is no need to download it, the videos should run fine.