Home Use

All buttons on the Main Menu panel are now bold and ready to open. At this point, you have the option to open any of the buttons, but more commonly, you would go to either Home Use or Test.

The Home Use is a program that is automatic and can use unconscious choices based on the calibration.


In order to select the program, you can:

  • click on SuperConscious Choice a few times (on the bottom of the list of programs), so that the PULSAR shows you the unconscious needs of the client.
  • Or you can select an individual therapy of your choice based on your professional experience.

By default the timer for each therapy is set at 1 minute, however, you may change the time according to what you think is best.  The maximum time per individual therapy is 20 minutes.

The total time of the programmed therapies is shown in blue at the bottom part of the panel. The maximum of programmed therapies allowed is one and a half hours.

When you are ready with your selections and times, Click on Start on the white bottom part of the Home Use panel.

While the program is working, in the bottom white part of the panel you will be able to see which therapy is being done, how much percent and time are left to finish the therapy and the average percent of rectification of all programs.

Upon completion of each therapy, a percentage is shown on the side of the timer.

Upon completion of the selected therapies, you will see rectification results beside each selection and an average rectification result at the bottom.

If you wish to continue with more therapies you can click on other individual programs once to make them bold.

To de-select a therapy, all you need to do is click on the selection once and the items will be de-selected.

Click Close

Here you can either click OK to proceed to the EEG/ECG panel or Cancel to proceed to TEST.