Connecting the Device to your Computer

  1. You have received a USB3 type A male to type B male cable in your Starter Pack.
  2. Insert one end of the cable into the back of the device.
  3. Insert the other end into the designated USB3 port on your computer.
  4. Note: It is a good idea that the laptop you will use for your new device is specifically for this usage so that you have better results and output. Your computer must be configured to communicate with the device.
  5. Download the PULSAR from https://quantum-medical.eu/index.php/downloads/ after you have connected your device to the computer, turn the device on. After that, you can run the downloaded installer. For more detailed instructions click here: https://quantum-medical.eu/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/PULSAR-Installation-and-activation-instructions-1.pdf
  6. If you have issues with installation or activation, please contact the technical department of Quantum Medical SRL for the configuration of your laptop and activation of your software.
  7. Turn your laptop on.
  8. When the start-up of Windows on your laptop has been completed, push the POWER button on the back of your ED.X and NUCLEUS device to ON.
  9. You will see graphics appear on the top panel of the device where it will also appear ED.X or NUCLEUS is on.