Chain Reaction Function

The Chain Reaction Function is one of the latest features that the ED.X and NUCLEUS present.  It assists greatly in the therapy, making the therapy right from the start more focused on what you wish to work on, getting to the basic cause and issue of the person and the age at which the issue began, very quickly, precisely, and only within a few seconds after testing.

From your main program, you first want to search for the item of the main concern/issue that your client may have

Let’s say in our example it is eczema.

Put the word eczema in the search for item field


Search above the tray

By searching the area of concern (in our example “eczema”), items reacting concerning our issue are filtered in the matrix.  We notice the item that comes up with the highest reactivity value is 99 in our example. Please remember or keep this number in thought.

The next step you would want to do is

Return to Main. From the subfilters on the side

This will take you back to the main matrix panel.

The above panel appears on top of the blue info grid panel.

Put the highest reactivity of the item of concern in the third box where it mentions the Highest concern value.  In our case, I will put 99 as per our above eczema example.

Automatically it will tell me that the main issue now for the area concern (eczema) began at the age of 12 and that we can find the causes of our issue within the reactivity values of 32.  Which appear in the area below.

At this point, we can look at all the items with a reactivity value of 32 to see what our main issue was at that period in the person’s life.  Additionally, we can discuss with the client possible difficulties that occurred at that specific age of 12 as per our example.

Add to report

This will add all the items with a reactivity value of 26 into the blue info grid box to work as a piggyback field therapy throughout your session.

Load report items on the middle side of your screen so that you load your items in your blue info grid box to your piggyback therapies. : Report items loaded” will appear on your purple tray on the side.

So now you are ready!

This is an excellent tool to get focused on your therapy, right from the start, on the root cause of your issues.  It helps you to start your discussions with your client concerning the age of when it all got started.